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Let Surgical Solutions manage the logistic concerns associated with reusable equipment, disposable outlay, and video technical support, so your personnel can concentrate on what they do best—patient care.

More Efficient Hospitals
Surgical Solutions can make your OR run more efficiently by the taking on the administrative burden associated with laparoscopic and endoscopic surgery. We can cut costs without impacting quality.

We provide technicians, equipment and support for endoscopic and laparoscopic surgical procedures. By having our on-site clinical technicians in place, we can cut cost and drastically while improving physician and staff satisfaction.
  • We provide all equipment necessary to complete your surgical objective.
  • We take on the administrative and financial burden of your repairs.
  • We improve efficiency by offering preoperative setup, intraoperative technical support, and postoperative room turnover, cleaning, and sterilization of surgical instrumentation.
Satisfied Surgeons
Hospital administrators and doctors can continue to use the equipment they have grown accustomed to; without enduring the cost of ownership including training, maintenance, storage, repair, and replacement associated.

We provide the equipment needed for each surgeon’s individual needs. Our highly trained technicians are available 24/7 to assist surgeons and Operating Room staff. They always have required equipment and instruments, as well as backup instrumentation that are ready for use. Our service-oriented technicians are eager to help your team create a more efficient, smoother flowing OR.