Customized Solutions for your OR

Equipment & Disposables

Surgical Solutions provides hospitals equipment and cost effective usage of disposables.

Trained Technicians

CRCST certified technicians will provide preoperative setup, intraoperative technical support and postoperative room turnover.


Capital Equipment & Planning

We will provide new instrumentation customized to any budget and financial plan.

Repairs & Maintenance - 24/7 Support

Surgical Solutions takes care of all repairs and maintenance on all instruments, and provides 24/7 technical support.

Our Outcomes

Surgical Solutions is committed to partnering with your health system and delivering mission-critical services.

Schedule you On-Site Assessment today to receive a customized cost analysis and service proposal.


Integrated services for minimally invasive surgeries. We support all surgeries that use a scope.

Specialty (Cystoscopy, Hysteroscopy, etc.)

The Bottom Line

We can reduce costs and increase revenue for your Operating Room.

  • Eliminate the Cost of Repairs and Disposables
  • Minimize Late Start & Down Time in the OR
  • Increase Operational Efficiency—Often Resulting in Volume Uptick
  • Defer the Cost of Capital Outlay
  • Provide Quality Equipment
  • Improve Physician and Staff Satisfaction