Expert Certified Technicians

Our Technicians

Our Certified Registered Central Service Technicians (CRCST) are on hand for every case, 24/7. These experts in the field help support your teams and alleviate the logistical concerns that arise from managing surgical equipment and instrumentation for each case. Removing this burden from your team, allows them to focus on providing the best care to the patients. Surgical Solutions Technicians serve as an integral member of your facility’s team providing support for the operating room technicians, surgical technicians, and sterile processing technicians. They are fully trained to actively assist in daily Operating Room operations, including duties associated with pre-operative set up, intra-operative support, and post-operative turnover.

Their Role

They’re accountable for:

  • Pre-operative room setup
  • Intra-operative technical support
  • Post-operative room turnover
  • Decontamination and testing of instruments and scopes
  • Prepping and packing
  • Post-operative care of surgical instruments and equipment


Our operating room technicians are intensively trained in processes based on the experience of over 100,000 minimally invasive surgical cases. This includes knowledge of surgical equipment and instrumentation, best practices for decontamination, and proper packing and storing techniques. With their defined focus to these tasks, they can ensure the reduction in variations from case to case, patient to patient.

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quote-icon Customer Stories
  • Surgical Solutions didn’t just bring equipment-related best practices—it brought leadership and improved the culture of the OR. And the intent of all of that is to better care for the patient.

    Elizabeth Casey, Baystate Health