OR/SPD Performance Improvement Solutions for Hospitals &
Ambulatory Surgery Centers

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Customized Solutions for Operating Room Management

Our comprehensive suite of services is tailored to your healthcare system’s individual needs. When we partner with a hospital or ambulatory surgery center, we transform the expensive fixed costs of labor, personnel, and equipment into a variable cost for that facility. Customized service bundles are delivered by Surgical Solutions for a fixed fee per procedure. We can improve your operating room management by increasing efficiency and decreasing operating room turnaround time. Our service bundles provide more savings to your facility.

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Our Services

Our trained technicians will deliver the required instrumentation for each case right to the OR. They will remain on hand for intra-operative support and post-op teardown, scope cleaning and decontamination. In addition, Surgical Solutions provides equipment and scope repair management services, disposable instrumentation, and our newest technology tool, the Surgical Cost Management Platform™. With our surgical capital solutions, we can also provide access to capital for new equipment for your facility.

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How effective partnerships support exceptional, cost-effective healthcare

Surgical Solutions WhitePaper

This whitepaper explores key benefits of partnering with vendors by identifying four key trends affecting hospital performance and by analyzing how third-party service providers can help hospitals adapt to those trends. These findings reflect how teams at two health systems, Erlanger and Baystate Health, benefited from Surgical Solutions services.



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