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Surgical Solutions is looking for customer service-minded individuals with exemplary work ethic interested in healthcare! We are a healthcare solutions company based in Park Ridge, IL that provides mission-critical services to hospital operating rooms.


Job Openings

We would be delighted for you to join as a Surgical Solutions team member.

  • Regional Operations Director - Remote - Midwest and near major airport

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  • Regional Trainer – OR/SPD (NYC) - New York, NY

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  • IT Administrator - Kansas City, KS (Hybrid)

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Benefits and Perks

  • Healthcare Experience Banner Placeholer

    Interested in healthcare? Surgical Solutions is a great place to start!

  • Competitive Pay Banner Placeholer

    We offer competitive pay whether you have some or no experience!

  • CRCST Certification Banner Placeholer

    Have a provisional CRCST certification? We can provide the hours you need to receive your full certification. Learn more about CRCST certification at https://myhspa.org/certification/get-certified/crcst-application.html

  • Medical, Dental, Vision Plans & 401(k) Matching Banner Placeholer

    We offer a wide variety of medical, dental, and vision plans to meet your needs as well as 401(k) matching!

  • Corporate Discounts Banner Placeholer

    We have a corporate discount program in place to help you save!

  • Flexible Schedule Banner Placeholer

    We are a 24/7 operation to meet hospital needs!

Employee Stories

  • Annette Ramsey

    "Being an employee of Surgical Solutions has allowed me to push myself further than I ever would've imagined and that is a reward within itself. My growth within the company is something I wouldn't have imagined and it continues to reinforce that my growth personally and professionally is something I can truly thank the leadership team at Surgical Solutions."

    Annette Ramsey, Regional Operations Director

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