We can help with this crucial process for your facility by scope cleaning & reprocessing services

Infection Control

Patient safety is our number one concern. The cleanliness of instrumentation used for minimally invasive surgeries is critical in ensuring safety and providing the best patient care. Our technicians are extensively trained in high-level disinfection procedures to aid in your facility’s infection control.

Our Process


Surgical Solutions can provide specialized support for your operating room. Post-procedure, our technicians will assist in removing the used instrumentation and transport it to SPD. The decontamination process begins with thorough removal of all bioburden and washing based on the type of instrumentation. The instruments are inspected and packed for their specific sterilization process. Our knowledge of the various sterilization techniques aids in your facility’s endoscope reprocessing and infection control.

Endoscope Reprocessing

Our technicians have the training and competency to complete the endoscope reprocessing for your facility. We offer full support for your endoscopy suite from transport to endoscope cleaning and storage. By following each manufacturer’s instructions for use (IFU), we will complete the manual endoscope cleaning, leak testing, and liquid chemical sterilization or high-level disinfection needed for each endoscope. Following the proper protocol for endoscope reprocessing is essential to minimizing infection risks for your patients.

Why Choose Surgical Solutions as Your Partner?

Infection Prevention: The Surgical Solutions team will pick up the items from the Sterile Processing Department. They will ensure all sets are correctly assembled and complete to the next case. They will also ensure everything is stored in the appropriate manner at your facility. By being the link between your OR and SPD departments, we can increase efficiency and decrease the backlog faced by your sterile processing department.

With the experience of supporting over 100,000 cases, our minimally invasive surgical support services can ensure:

  • On-site minimally invasive surgical technicians
  • 100% readiness for OR case start times
  • Improved instrument and scope quality
  • 100% on-time room turnover
  • Access to capital equipment
  • Higher physician satisfaction
  • Cost saving realized

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