Our Repair Maintenance Management Services


Surgical Solutions assumes the logistical process and cost of laparoscopic and endoscopic instrument and scope repairs. Our technicians are responsible for inspecting and testing each piece of instrumentation before it is used for another case. They are highly trained to identify malfunctioning scopes and damaged instrumentation and how to initiate the repair process. We can provide laparoscopic instruments, endoscopy scopes, and video equipment to support your team.

Repair Process

Our team will

  • tag any instrumentation needing repair
  • package it for shipment to the repair partner
  • track the repair process
  • ensure items are returned to the appropriate facilities
  • inspect the instrument to ensure the repair was properly completed

Equipment Loaners and Replacements

While out for repair, we will arrange for loaner instrumentation to be provided so to not cause any delays in service. We will continue to monitor the repair status until it can be returned to your facility. If a repair is deemed not viable, a replacement for the equipment will be arranged.

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quote-icon Customer Stories
  • Surgical Solutions didn’t just bring equipment-related best practices—it brought leadership and improved the culture of the OR. And the intent of all of that is to better care for the patient.

    Elizabeth Casey, Baystate Health