Our Surgical Instrument and Scope Repair Services

Managing Repairs

Surgical Solutions assumes the logistical process and cost of laparoscopic and endoscopic surgical instrument repairs and scope repairs. Our scope repair technicians are responsible for inspecting and testing each piece of instrumentation before it is used. They are highly trained to identify malfunctioning scopes and damaged instrumentation and will initiate the repair process and loaner acquisition. By managing the entire surgical instrument repair process, we can help your facility’s efficiency and throughput.

Repair Process

Our team will

  • tag instrumentation needing repair
  • package it for shipment to the repair partner
  • obtain loaners, when required
  • track the repair process
  • ensure items are returned to the appropriate facilities
  • inspect the instrument to ensure the repair was properly completed

Why Choose Surgical Solutions as Your Partner?

Always Have What Your Need: Our repair vendor relationships require the highest level of service at the lowest possible cost. By managing the entire scope and surgical instrument repair process from start to finish, we can increase throughput and surgeon satisfaction while reducing your facility’s expenses on instrument repairs.

With the experience of supporting over 100,000 cases, our minimally invasive surgical support services can ensure:

  • On-site minimally invasive surgical technicians
  • 100% readiness for OR case start times
  • Improved instrument and scope quality
  • 100% on-time room turnover
  • Access to capital equipment
  • Higher physician satisfaction
  • Cost saving realized

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