Our Capital Equipment Planning Services

Access to Capital

Having access to the proper equipment for each procedure is crucial to successful patient outcomes. We can deliver the instrumentation and equipment to support all scope-related procedures in the OR, specialty and endo suites through our surgical capital solutions.

New Equipment

Access to capital is available to provide your facility with the necessary equipment for the surgeons to perform at their best. Our streamlined process for obtaining new equipment will provide quicker turnaround for the equipment to reach your facility. Most important, new equipment is bundled into your fixed fee per procedure pricing.

Increased Quality

With our specialized equipment knowledge, we can ensure your facility is using the best quality products to meet your needs. Better equipment leads to increased surgeon satisfaction and enhanced patient satisfaction, let alone potential for improved outcomes.

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quote-icon Customer Stories
  • Surgical Solutions didn’t just bring equipment-related best practices—it brought leadership and improved the culture of the OR. And the intent of all of that is to better care for the patient.

    Elizabeth Casey, Baystate Health