Our Sterile Processing Services


Surgical Solutions covers pre-op to post-op services and addresses several bottlenecks and gaps that exist between the Operating Room and Sterile Processing Department within your facility regarding the sterilization of surgical instruments.

Our Role

Our team

  • is responsible for laparoscopic trays and cameras and scopes;
  • will clean, decontaminate, wash and pack all MIS trays;
  • scans and inspection of all surgical instruments;
  • maintains trays in complete, accurate and functioning order
  • ensures all MIS trays processed and ready for next day and case-to-case.


With the help of Surgical Solutions, you can reduce the number of unprocessed trays and damage to the surgical equipment and instrumentation at your facility. We can also help reduce the amount of overtime by your staff from OR room set-up to decontamination. Higher throughput and efficiency in SPD, plus a stable team of CRCST-trained techicians, will inevitably have a positive financial impacts to your facility.

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quote-icon Customer Stories
  • Surgical Solutions didn’t just bring equipment-related best practices—it brought leadership and improved the culture of the OR. And the intent of all of that is to better care for the patient.

    Elizabeth Casey, Baystate Health