Our Equipment & Disposable Services

Expert Handling

Surgical Solutions CRCST-certified technicians will prepare for each case by testing all the equipment /instrumentation needed for that case and by pulling the disposables needed for each case as matched with physician preference cards. In doing so, Surgical Solutions helps to ensure on-time case starts and helps to maximize physician satisfaction.

Equipment Maintenance

We provide “white-glove” handling of all your facility’s scopes and surgical instrumentation. With Surgical Solutions’ handling your equipment, the risk of damage and loss is greatly reduced. Our technicians will ensure each instrument is functioning properly and completely sterilized prior to packing for the next case. They will ensure each tray is complete, reducing the likelihood of a delayed start due to missing or damaged instrumentation

Repair Management

Our technicians are trained to identify any damaged or worn instrumentation. Any damaged instrumentation will be flagged and sent for repair or replacement. They can troubleshoot any malfunctioning scopes or video equipment at any point during or after the procedure. We will manage the entire repair process for your facility including shipping/receiving from repair vendor(s) and arranging for loaner items to be sent in the interim.

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quote-icon Customer Stories
  • Surgical Solutions didn’t just bring equipment-related best practices—it brought leadership and improved the culture of the OR. And the intent of all of that is to better care for the patient.

    Elizabeth Casey, Baystate Health