Our Equipment & Disposable Services

Cost Management

Surgical Solutions can provide the disposable surgical equipment needed for your facility’s procedures and reduce open and unused waste. Single-use disposables provide the convenience of having a new instrument readily available instead of repairing, cleaning and sterilizing a reusable device. Use of disposables can lower the risk of surgical site infections (SSI) for patients resulting from improperly cleaned instruments.

Expert Handling

Surgical Solutions’ CRCST-certified technicians will prepare for each case by testing all equipment and instrumentation needed for that case and by pulling the required disposables in accordance with physician preference cards. We will manage surgical disposable ordering and on-site inventory, unburdening your surgical team.

Why Choose Surgical Solutions as Your Partner?

Cost Savings: Our highly trained technicians accurately pull disposables, reducing open and unused waste and lowering your costs.

With the experience of supporting over 100,000 cases, our minimally invasive surgical support services can ensure:

  • On-site minimally invasive surgical technicians
  • 100% readiness for OR case start times
  • Improved instrument and scope quality
  • 100% on-time room turnover
  • Access to capital equipment
  • Higher physician satisfaction
  • Cost saving realized

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